We are always happy to see our services helping our amazing clients to accomplish their goals, our motto is 'your success is our success'. However, if you think you need to get a refund, please, read the section below to find out our Money Back Guarantee.

Our Clients can apply to receive a full refund in the following scenarios:
  • Services provided to the Customer are non-performing or underperforming. Only if Efinity ECom, LLC hasn’t been able to generate $10k in gross sales within 120 days of advertising.
  • The client Ads Account has not been under any restriction or experiencing issues with Third Party Media Platform during 120 days of advertising.
  • The Ads account balance has been paid on time and there are no billing issues with the Social Media accounts during the 120 days period.
What is a Third-Party Media Platform?
Third-party media platforms are those platforms Efinity Ecom Team uses to create Advertising Campaigns. Our favorite Media Platform is Facebook, Facebook ads are still one of the most powerful tools for businesses, with Facebook currently standing as the third most-visited website in the world.
Negative Balance on your Ads Account?
Negative Balance on your Ads account will create issues on the campaigns we have launched with the Third Party Media Platform. If you consistently have payment methods declined for your ad account, Facebook will see this as a red flag and may suspend your account. Also, late payments for those outstanding invoices can damage your Ads and any campaign launched in the future.
What is a Third Party Restriction?
Third-Party Media Platforms sometimes place restrictions on Ads Accounts. The limitations are not all the same and depending on the reason why your account has been restricted the approach to resolve the limitation will be different. Our team will help you to resolve this inconvenience and guide you on how to lift the restriction. If a restriction is placed on your Ads account this won’t be counted as a Day of Advertising.
What is considered a Day of Advertising?
One day of advertising is considered when Ads are running 24 hours without restrictions or any other disruption on the Ads launched on the Third Party Media Platform.
This Refund Policy applies to all our services Changes may apply if Efinity Ecom and the client reach a new agreement, which will be mentioned on the Service Agreement Contract on the Money Back Guarantee clause. The Service Agreement will be signed by the client before joining the agency.