We’ve scaled three brands to 7 figures and helped 3 clients to sell their brands in 6 figure deals in 2022 alone! Learn about how we can do the same for you by booking a call with us!
We are a Digital Marketing Agency that excels in building and scaling brands to 7 figures and beyond!
Any worthwhile relationship requires both parties to provide value to the table. We only partner with clients with the right amount of cash flow and are in the right mindset to allow us to do what we do best-scale e-commerce stores and build brands for them!
Proven Team
Generate $316k/year savings by using our services
Working with
No monthly recurring management fees
Revenue share after you breakeven on your original investment
One-Time Setup Fee
From $6k
No Hidden Fees
Hiring an
In-House Marketing Team
Media Buyer
Store Builder
Content Strategist
Project Manager
Virtual Assistant
We Build Memorable, High Converting Profitable Brands
We are using the latest developments in strategic marketing to drive results
Proven Scientific Marketing Systems
Receive ownership of a branded store with custom professional content made specifically for it!
Fully Branded Stores and Content
$20M In Sales
Generated this year across our portfolio of brands!
Comparison of investment opportunities*
‘000 USD
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Efinity Ecom
Private Equity fund
Real Estate
Stock Market
Ray Dalio, Jim Simmons and Warren Buffet are cute in generating 10-20% annual returns;

Assuming an initial investment of just $20k (our one-time setup fee & business expenses for the first two months), we are confident in generating a 160% ROI in the first 12 months of advertising;

This is because of the work of our bulletproof systems and our scientific marketing approach that has yielded results consistently over time;

Disclaimer: all revenue generated in the financial markets is assumed to be profits.
12 month – ROI
Initial Investment
"Efinity Ecom helped me scale a store in a fishing niche that I'm passionate about. After scaling it to mid 6 figures during the summer season, they helped me sell the store in a multi-five figure deal during the low season!"

Some things that stood out to me is that I've always had been in contact with the executive managers of the store and they left no questions unanswered.
"Today I actually just hit $100,000 in total sales, so that's an exciting milestone of mine so far! I highly suggest getting on board with Efinity Ecom"

I started with absolutely no background in dropshipping but had seen videos about how the business model worked.

I am working a full-time job in sales, and am quite constrained in terms of the time I could put into creating another source of income. I joined Efinity Ecom for those reasons and within 3 months, had hit $100,000+ in sales!
"It wasn't until they kept testing that they found a product that popped off! The first day we did 5 sales and the next day we did almost 10 and things just started going up from there. The strategies are just amazing."

Eman started his store with some past experience trying to get sales for his store, he couldn't get anything to stick for him until he tapped into our testing strategies to find his first "WINNER", allowing him to breakthrough to his first success!
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July, 17
New York, USA
Eman D.
March, 15
Ontario, Canada
Chris H.
September, 24
Texas, USA
Jorge F.
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Case study:
How we scaled Mitchell's store to $265k in 6 months!
Meet our leadership
Temur Yusupov
Temur specializes in finance, building systems, developing backend, store build management and talent management. His expertise is invaluable in keeping the agency running smoothly and for clients to be receiving top-notch customer service. He also is an expert in logistics department and helped establish vital connections with the suppliers and agents all around the world to keep our fulfillment costs low and shipping times fast.
CMO & Co-Founder
Rustam Alimov
Rustam, whose expertise lies in Facebook ads and Content Curation for Brands was a CMO at another well-known Digital Marketing Agency. He helped scale and exit several 6 and 7 figure brands, then decided to join Efinity Ecom in order to be able to focus on fewer number clients and provide more impact to each one of them that way.
COO & Co-Founder
Jack Chow
Jack scaled and exited a fitness brand in a multi-six figure deal, and decided to start an e-commerce agency to leverage his acquired skills and systems to help others build, scale and sell their stores. Jack also has a network of big brand owners and helps broker deals for the clients of the agency to exit their brands.
Store Build Manager
Mary Joyce
As a Shopify Expert of 5 years, Joyce has strong and solid experience in Landing Page Building, Conversion Rate Optimization, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Store Set-Up/Web Design, and knowledge of all other dropshipping aspects like SEO, Ads, Store Management, Product Research, and more.
Advertising and Content Manager
Dilshod Davletyarov
Dilshod is a key player in the Media Buying team and is responsible for Strategy Development and Account Audits for the Clients of the Agency. Dilshod himself built and scaled a 7 Figure brand with the help of Facebook ads and Influencer Marketing
Murat is a magician when it comes to scaling client accounts. His unique vision and high level of experience coupled with our agency systems help him consistently find winning products, scale them via facebook ads and create a brand vision to turn dropshipping stores into real brands.
Murat B.
Senior Media Buyer
Tony has found his calling in producing mind blowing and highly effective graphic design and content identity to really make our clients brands pop. He also helps coordinate our content efforts in terms of producing graphics for using in advertisements.
Tony Chin

Graphic Designer
Our benefits include:
Custom branded video ads and photoshoots for your products
All costs are on us, including shipping the products to actors and filming
Proven Ad Buyers
Ads Management by two 7-Figure Ad Account Managers
Social Media Management
Branded content to engage and build customer trust
Automated Order Fulfillment
8-12 days delivery: no more 30-day delivery times
Managing All Customer Service
Get full support at starting and promoting your business
Everything you need!
You are an investor. Efinity Ecom is your maintenance and management team
You Will Also Get:
Full Expert Ad Management
Full Backend Setup
(Email, SMS marketing and Upsells)
Private Access To Our Ads Team
Professionally Branded Store
Custom made ads and Video product reviews made specifically for your brand!
Access To Our Suppliers List
Tested Products Chosen For You
Your Website Managed & Updated
Expert Help in Facebook & Instagram
Access To Our Insider Growth Strategies
Price Done For You
Full automation. We build a brand from a scratch
  • Ads management
  • Store management
  • Complete backend setup
  • Product research & selection
  • Customer service
  • Order fulfilment
  • Video & image product reviews
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